Laurel Retina Tear

The Retina Group of Washington is a group of excellent doctors who provide the latest in groundbreaking retinal care. If you or a loved one is suffering from a Laurel retina tear. Treating retinal tears is something we do at our offices for patients who need quality immediate care.

A routine vision test may not show a Laurel retina tear. Our doctors are able to view a retinal tear using a special procedure and an ophthalmoscopy, allowing us to see the back of the eye. An ultrasound can also detect a retinal tear. This condition is considered to be an emergency. Warning signs of retinal detachment include the sudden appearance of floaters, flashes of light and reduced vision. Bleeding may also be present because of the blood vessels in the eye being affected by the tear. Patients who are suspected to have a retinal tear should be seen immediately and should receive treatment before vision loss potentially occurs.

Besides a Laurel retina tear we also treat retinal detachment.. Floaters or flashes of light should be reported to your doctor immediately, because they may signal a retinal tear. For more information, visit our website to learn about our doctors and locations. Our doctors all have a collective experience in which they diagnose, treat and perform surgery on the full range of macular and retinal diseases. Our doctors have been awarded with professional recognition and have written articles and taught on a variety of retinal subjects. Clinical research is a large part of what we do and has been done for 30 years since the Retina Group has opened. We have participated in a number of national clinical trials and always look for the latest in education and technology to perform our services. Most clinical trials are conducted in our Chevy Chase, MD and Fairfax VA offices.

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